Car Value Estimator

How to estimate the value of the vehicle by the book?

On this page you can easily and quickly check the value of the vehicle using our the car value estimator.

In our database we have over 6000 types and models of cars from different manufacturers.

On this page you provided is an overview of models and types of cars up to 14 years of age, who are in our database.

Up above the text, there is a form with drop-down lists. The first list contains the names of car manufacturers, the second are all the car models of selected manufacturers to choose the third year pre-chosen model of the car and then a month of production of this model; when you choose month production you will automatically be in the box below, shows the average number of kilometers the vehicle during this time. The average number of kilometers you can easily adjust redialing the year and month of manufacture cars in the top drop-down list.

If you find the appropriate information for the car that you are interested, you can continue by clicking on the "PAY with PayPal" and PayPal will open a form through which you can, in their billing system, pay 0.50 € to get the value of the book for selected car model. The price of one payment refers to one estimate.